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1. Write a command that issues a statement to the system log with the current uptime information. Schedule this command to run one minute from now.

[root@localhost]# at now +1 minute

at> logger "The system current uptime is $(uptime)"

2. Wait one minute and check the system log to view the entry.

[roo@localhost]# journalctl -f


No matter what I do with this, I cannot get any entries in journalctl corresponding to my logger command. Send help.

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    Keith T

    Hi Jake,

    What course are you going through?

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    Jake W


    The RHCSA. Thanks!

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    Jake W

    I figured out the issue. When running the 'at' command in interactive mode, you have to commit the jobs with ctrl+d. I was able to get the jobs to run by piping them to at, so I went looking for examples of interactively entering jobs. I believe it is actually covered in the video, so no issues there, but I would absolutely update the solution on "Exercise: Scheduling Tasks on Red Hat Systems" to reflect pressing ctrl+d after entering jobs interactively. Thanks!

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