Restricted access by machine IP

In the Storage Strategy video, Trey added an IP address of his machine that, according to the page labeel, allowed access from that particular address; however, it seems to have done just the reverse.  Can you explain?  Thanks
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    Terrence C

    Well, your security group settings or ACLs can actually do either or - you can allow all EXCEPT an address or deny all but ACCEPT a single IP (or almost any combination in between that you can think of - network range, multiple individual IPs, etc). What are you trying to accomplish, I am sure one of our Azure instructors or other community members can help...

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    Gary M

    Good afternoon, I apologize if I are viewed the wrong video but I reviewed the instructions in the video "

    Lecture: Storage Strategy Environment Setup" in the course Microsoft Exam 70-533 and I am not seeing that the NSG for RDP was scoped.  It looks like it was opened so that he could connect via RDP.  But as far as I can see, I did not see him restrict access to the machine to only his IP address.  If I am looking at the wrong video or if the implementation was in a different section in the video, please let me know and I can follow-up with you.  

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    Stu M

    Thanks Gary and Terrence.  I must have missed something in Trey's explanation.  Perhaps it was an 'allow all except' situation.

    I'll rewatch it.  

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