How to change the subdomain in openshift

hello Treva, 

i was trying to change the subdomain in openshift origin in 

/etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml and restarted but i was getting the below issue. I have 3 masters and 3 nodes..Do i need to change in all the vms and try this? Please let me know. 

systemctl start origin-master.service

Failed to start origin-master.service: Unit is masked.

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    Treva W

    What version of Origin are you running? The error is saying that origin-master is masked, which means the service has been "hidden" in favor of another service. Run the command "systemctl status | grep origin" to list all of the origin-* services running on your host to find which one needs restarting - my guess is it will be "origin-master-api" & "origin-master-controllers".

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    Sriharsha T

    Thanks Treva.."origin-master-api" & "origin-master-controllers" worked. 

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