kubernetes the hard way in CKA exam

I have read that in CKA exam there will be questions related to creating a kubernetes cluster manually not with installers similar to KTHW. I have been going through the KTHW course by will boyd(massive fan of will) . It has been very helpful. But in exam scenario we are only allowed to access kubernetes.io/docs . How are we suppose to get the binaries of control pane components or systemd unit files. All this is not in kubernetes docs. How can we create a cluster manually without access to KTHW docs? How are the scenario questions ? Can anyone please share?  
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    Will B

    You can find that in the Kube docs: https://kubernetes.io/docs/setup/release/

    For me, the doc does look a little bugged at the moment, but you can get to that page by clicking on the empty space under "Downloading Kubernetes." The files listed there are packaged a little differently, but if you look in the .tar.gz files you will find kubelet, kube-proxy, kube-apiserver and so on.

    Good luck on the exam when you take it!

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    Hey Will, is the location changed? I am not able to find systemd files in kubernetes.io. 

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