Looking for areas you find important on Linux Essentials

Scheduled my first cert next thursday.  Currently going back over all the videos and taking notes.  Feel free to add some stuff for me to look over that you know will be on the test! Thanks~!
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    Terrence C

    Make sure you have memorized the study guide material and looked over the flash cards until you have them down!

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    Gary D

    awesome, thank you very much! forgot about the study guide material.

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    5 sections

    • Linux community and a open source career
    • Find your way in a Linux Sys
    • Power of the Comand Line
    • Linux Op Sys
    • Security and File Perms
    I was weakest on the cmd line. Do variables start with a "$"? 
    What is the difference between ">" and ">>"?
    etc and yada yada
    You got this, you will be fine. One of the easier and happier feeling tests I have taken lately.

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    Gary D

    Yep ! Passed it :) The wording on the exam was very disapointing... I thought they were speaking in a different language on some of the questions that I was being asked haha!  

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