Installing Prometheus and Grafana

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with Data Source connection. 
I'm using the link 


for setting the dastasource in grafana, and have the "HTTP error bad gateway".

Please advice about a correct way to connect Data Source.


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    Morteza K

    Did you use "Server" in Access mode ?

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    Alexei M

    I don't have "Server" option. Only  'proxy' or 'direct'

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    Michael M


    I myself have never installed either of these programmes; however, there are a few things that I would begin with. 
    1:  as you are referencing the target by its name and not its IP address, is your DNS set up correctly. Does that name resolve on the server that is attempting to make the connection.
    2: Are you able to telnet to the port that you are attempting to connect to from the machine that is attempting to make the connection.
    3: Have you validated the firewall settings on both servers?
    4: Are there items that are operating system specific that might need to be examined to ensure that they are allowing the connection ( SELinux for example )

    This is a short list and I wish that I had more expertise in this area but this may assist with getting you pointed in the right direction.

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