no. of vcpu for building VM


This is in reference to the no. of vcpu, the output of the virsh domcapabalities showed the no. of vcpu as 255.

How is this related to the no. of CPU s the virt-manager gui shows when we install a VM.



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    Michael M


    I believe that the domcapabilities is the total number of CPUs that are available to all of the guests combined. 
    In the virt manager gui the listing is the number of vcpus assigned to a single machine. 

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    Anuraag C


    Thanks for the reply, does that mean:
    If dom capabilities shows number as 255 , does that mean the total no. Of vm s are currently occupying 255 vcpus in total ? Or there can be 255 vcous in total for all vm s combined? 
    Secondly this count of 255 is a software figure by default or it is dependent on the host physical cpu type and no. Of cores?


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