Tools for Build Automation and Continious Integration


I'm a little bit confused about Tools for DevOps, particularly tools for Build Automation and Continuous Integration after

seeing this video

Am i well understanding if I say that :

- Tools for Build Automation implements : Build Automation (itself) & Continious Delivery

- Tools for Continuous Integration implements : ontinuous Integration (itself) & Continious Deploy

Thanks for your help

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    Michael M


    Continuous integration (CI) is the process of committing code frequently and testing that code. This allows bugs and issues to be dealt with in an efficient manner. 
    Continuous delivery (CD) is the process of ensuring that the code that has been integrated could be deployed if it was necessary but does not actually include deployment. 
    These are not really mutually exclusive and CI/CD are normally seen together for this reason. These include Build automation tools as required due to the nature of the "integration" and "validation" processes.
    Continuous Deployment is the process of automating the code updates to production ( customer facing systems ).  This is an extension of the CI / CD workflow so that code flows in a complete path from developer through testing to delivery and eventually into deployment is a seamless automated manner. 
    Most CI/CD tools include a process for automated deployments and in most cases, Jenkins being one, it is all the same toolkit. 

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    Ibrahima F

    Great answer, thanks !!

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