Building executable on GPU

I have been taking an OpenACC activity, I've liked it so far. I have also been able to run it on my laptop. But I discovered that running the executable only from the corresponding folder, it does it on the CPU, how can I build the executable such it runs itself on the GPU? 

Thank you. 

This is the syntax a Use in order to build the .exe

pgcc -fast -ta=tesla:cc60 -Minfo=accel -o laplace jacobi.c laplace2d.c && ./laplace

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    Michael M


    Without knowing the specifics I can say that the -ta=tesla:cc60 directive might be the issue. 
    perhaps try -ta=nvidia and see if it forces it to the GPU.
    I do not have a huge amount of experience with parallel acceleration but this also might be something in your code that is causing it to be more CPU aligned. 

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