default services/resources for new GCP project?


I know a default VPC is created with subnets in each and every region when you create a new project in Google Cloud Platform. Similarly, are there any other services/resources that get created with the new project along with VPC?

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    Broadus P

    Good Evening, 

    New projects come with a default network with one subnet in each region!

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    Shiva Rama Krishna Reddy G

     @bpalmer Thanks for your response. Apart from default VPC, are there any other services that get created by default with a new project?

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    Joseph L

    There are actually a fair number of services and APIs that are enabled by default when you start up a project:

    • BigQuery API
    • Google Cloud APIs
    • Cloud Datastore API
    • Cloud SQL
    • Cloud Storage
    • Cloud Storage JSON API
    • Service Management API
    • Service Usage API
    • Stackdriver Debugger API
    • Stackdriver Logging API
    • Stackdriver Monitoring API
    • Stackdriver Trace API

    The other trend that both Matt and I have noticed is that Google has started auto-enabling a service/API when you first visit it's page so that you don't have to take that additional step. For example, when you create your first Kubernetes cluster, the Kubernetes API is automatically enabled.

    One other thing to mention: even though all those services are enabled by default, you can go through and disable any you'd like.

    Hope this clarifies GCP project start-up. Let me know if you have any further questions. 

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