Docker environment set up

Hello everybody, I'm trying to set up a docker environment what tools or dependcies do i need for a complete docker life cycle?
I span an API server on  2016 Web server Azure platefarm and i added dependecies such as .Net, ASP.NET, IIS , URL rewrite 2.0 and enabled docker using chef cookbook now my application sucessfully loaded and i'm able to use docker on windows VM and now  i'm not very confident to figure out  what exactly do i need for docker in order to connect to other VMs, and what other monitoring tools do i need to successfully launch  containers and monitor it's health, do i need these tools through Azure portal or i can set up by myself? 

Any help on providing a source or idea will be much apprciated! 
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    Terrence C

    It will greatly depend on what you are using Docker for in connecting to those other VMs. Are your Docker containers running a service that reaches out to other systems (say a database or API server)? Docker will have access to your local network through the container bridge network set up with Docker, so if it is just interacting with resources in your network, it will have access to them as any other service or server on the network would provided it knows the name or IP of the system or service it needs.

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    Thank you much Mr. Terrence Cox! Yes I'm using containers running a service that reaches out to other systems database or API server.  Do i need any monitroing tools for that or i can use Azure provided tools by using their containers services? I appologize if my questions are not very clear whatever i know about docker and chef or any tools i learned it from Linux academy i'm a newbie just got into the tehnology world.

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