what is wrong with the activities?

I keep trying to do any of the activities in the beta version. but whenever I login I am getting this:
[cloud_user@ip-10-0-2-202 ~]$ oc get nodes
error: Missing or incomplete configuration info.  Please login or point to an existing, complete config file:

  1. Via the command-line flag --config
  2. Via the KUBECONFIG environment variable
  3. In your home directory as ~/.kube/config

To view or setup config directly use the 'config' command.
[cloud_user@ip-10-0-2-202 ~]$ 
What can I do??? Am I missing something?
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    Treva W

    Credential files for the OpenShift cluster are stored under the root user. Run sudo -i to drop to root, then you should be able to access oc.

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