Managing Users and Groups

I'm stumbling a bit on the Managing Users and Groups exercise. When setting the password to "student" for the two users it fails the password quality test and rejects the "student" password.  This isn't really accounted for in the lab solution so I've been looking in man pages and am working around by using "openssl passwd -crypt student" to make a hash and then "usermod -p <hash> <user>".  But... the man page for usermod recommends against using the "-p" option.  What is the best practice in this case?  Should the exercise be updated to account for the password quality checks?

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    Stosh O

    Hi Jeff,

    There is a base level password quality check performed whenever you use passwd to set a user password that requires a certain level of complexity.  You can tune that setting to be less strict but I would recommend against it.

    Generally, as long as you provide a password that is at least 10 characters and contains letters (upper and lower case) and numbers (ex: Ex4mpleP4ssw0rd), the check should succeed and set the password.

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