"Python 3 Scripting for System Admins" on Linux Academy

I  recently completed this course on Linux Academy and it is quite extensive and good refresher course if you want to learn about the python and intrested in the hands on. Only thing I would say to improve is that there are also new versions available. (for eg pip version shown in the course material is 3.6) even newer versions are also available. So it would be be good if the new versions are also included in the course materials or there is some thing mentioned about the new version.

The practical use of "Weather Api" as a part of hands on was also very good where it was referred that how an open API can be used by Python 3 for consuming and developing your own software or app on top of that. 
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    Keith T

    Hi Vineet,

    I'm glad you liked the course and thank you for your feedback. For the most part, the features used in the course aren't version dependent and will work with newer version of python and the associated libraries, but we keep an eye on these things to see when we need to make updates.

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    Vineet N

    Ok thanks for review... :)

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