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Currently, I am a PLSQL programmer and I want to change my career to DevOps engineer ( Learning python as well). Could you please provide me the path.  I have completed AWS Cloud practitioner certification. Now started next step on AWS Associate architect. Could you please anyone provide me the suggestion what all to be done to become DevOps Engineer.  
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    Sean G

    Do you know Python as well? If not, we have both Python 2 and 3 courses you could check out. 

    If you go to the Learning Paths page, there's also DevOps specific ones you can follow!

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    Terrence C


    Congratulations on all your past certification success!

    As far as DevOps Engineer, there are a number of 'paths' you can take (open source, mix of open/closed source, closed source only, cloud vendor agnostic, cloud vendor specific, etc).

    We have defined a DevOps Engineer path right here that you may want to give a shot. You can enroll in the Learning Path, which will allow you to work through all the courses in there in order, including building a schedule for yourself if you would like!

    Keep in mind that is ONE of the THREE DevOps Engineering Learning Paths - beginner, intermediate and senior level - so you have a lot of content you can take!

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