Ansible playbook for host rebooted and started unexpectedly

Hi All, 

I am looking for ansible play book example to send alert to premetheus after a host has rebooted and re-started unexpeditly. Any help would be greatly appreciate it. 

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    Sean G

    I don't think that exact example is included, but there's a ton of great Ansible playbook modules included in this course. You might look through and see if you can piece together some of what's in there and build on it to make what you're looking for!

    There's also the Ansible cert course that might help with more comprehensive knowledge to work on building this yourself.

    If you don't have any luck finding an existing playbook like this, how about you make one and hten share it with us :) We'd be happy to help point you in the right direction with any errors or troubleshooting along the way!

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