October 2018 CKA Exam Takers and exam logistics question -

Has anybody taken the exam this month? If so, what was the experience?  

Is the exam pass or fail? Or is the exam result based on how many assignments you complete?

Is the exam online? or in person?  

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    Michael M


    I have not taken the exam, but I know some folks who have and I can offer some insight.

    The exam is online, proctored and is not multiple choice. It is a hands-on exam that has 3 hours to complete a set of tasks. 
    I am not sure what you mean by pass/fail. The tasks in the exam cover certain knowledge domains and each one is weighted differently.  
    Due to NDA's and other factors commenting on the actual content of the exam is not possible. 
    In the course, there is a section on the exam located near the end of the course.
    Also, the exam weightings are listed in the sections of that course in the title area. 

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