Performing a Source Code Security Scan Using git-secrets in AWS

This exercise is nearly undoable in Firefox, because when
trying to use the instant terminal, copy&paste from another tab doesn't work, meaning I have to type in the usual cryptic passwords.

Yes, I  can try to remember something like "agapouhaltgngj" :P or copy the password into some other windows or editor and then type it in when back in the terminal window but that beats the point somewhat, doesn't it?

So, I opened up a terminal console on my workstation and just did the exercise from there - but now it doesn't correctly detect the progress I'm making in the exercise steps.

Haven't tried Chrome, because... well, because FF is my preferred browser with all the addons and config just as I need it. :-| Could be worse, it could be IE or Edge!
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    Brandon B

    Hello Michael,

    I will pass this feedback on to the course author so that they are aware of it. Thank you for sharing!


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    Michael H

    Thanks! Just to be clear: when I switched to my desktop I *was* able to finish just fine, so the exercise steps per se are OK. It's simply that the instant terminal and the progress tracking doesn't work.

    BTW, the issue of the tick boxes for exercise progress tracking not working has been around for a while.

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