RHCE Individual Exam or Classroom ???

I was trying to schedule for a classroom  RHCE exam, Unfortunately it's full .. Would you recommend taking the individual kiosk exam for RHCE ? otherwise i will have to wait until 2019 for a classroom?
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    Sean G

    If you take our training, then definitely schedule the Kiosk. It's cheaper and you still have all the training you need from our course!

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    Matthew P

    I would definitely recommend the the kiosk. I've taken several exams that way. It's pretty easy to sign up and you can take the exam at a time that works for your schedule. 

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    Ivan W

    I would opt for a Kiosk exam all the time, and have taken a number of them this way.  It's easy, and quick, and many times (at least with me) I'm the only one around so no one to distract me. 

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