Powershell Core for Linux admin - need more documentation

Hi LA Team,

First I tried Powershell essentials course, which I found touching the things at a high level only and it should be in this way only as it is just an essential course. Then I moved to the advance course of PowerShell named as "Powershell Core for Linux admin", however, what  I felt is that this is also a high-level course and mostly deals with how to take help from only few of the cmdlets discussed. I know it is not possible to cover all the cmdlets but either you should give soe material for it or you can demonstrate more cmdlets and show the link of the documentation( I learned "Chef basic Fluency " course like that. Till now whay I found is the best course in terms of demonstration, course material both video & documentation.

I would expect a deep dive course in PowerShell or add more documentation to the existing course.


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    Michael M

    Hello Garima,

    We appreciate the feedback and it is definitely something that we will review.

     As for the deep dive course for powershell,  this is a valuable idea and something that you should suggest so that it can be considered. Please go to   


    and submit your idea. 

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    Keith T

    Hi Garima,

    I don't think that we currently have any courses planned for a deeper dive into PowerShell. We love hearing ideas from the community though. Make your suggestion and others can show their interest in it:

    Unrelated, but thanks for the compliment on the Basic Chef Fluency course. I put a lot of effort into giving students the tools that I think they need to succeed and learn even more and it is nice to see that you got something out of that.

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