GCP cloud architect exam

Hi Matthew/ LA team - whats the % passing for GCP cloud architect  exam?  is it like aws - 67 or 70% to be in safe zone - also are there any negative marks? If there is a  multiple choice question  and if i answer correctly 50% will I get half marks or its  either full correct / full wrong... just advise - - Thanks again for the wonderful content. 
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    Matthew U

    So this is not the answer that you want to hear, but Google does not publish what they consider a passing score. I do know that multiple answer questions are scored either all right or all wrong.

    Couple key points from the FAQ page here: https://cloud.google.com/certification/faqs/#0

    Passing score

    The passing score for each exam is confidential. It is determined by a panel of internal and external subject matter experts, following an industry-accepted standard setting process. The passing score is applied equally to all examinees. It is re-evaluated when changes are made to the exam content.


    Are all questions on the exam scored?

    No. At any given time, a small number of questions on our exams may be unscored. These are newly developed questions that are being evaluated for their effectiveness. This is a standard practice in the testing industry.

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    Siddhartha P

    Ok thanks - got it  ... I am planning exam in 20/25 days ... I will work hard... and lets hope for the best... Thanks 

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