How to change sub domain of a openshift cluster

Hello Treva, how are you doing? I have a question on 
1) how can i change the sub domain of the cluster without re-installation. Now we have "apps.{ip}" . i want to change that something like "". Can i do that
2) When i was trying to add new nodes. I have a conflict with versions to add a new node. I'm using 3.6 version. Openshift origin. 
Can you please let me how to resolve these. Thank you

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    Treva W

    Howdy  @sthakkel ,

    If you're looking to change the subdomain used for OpenShift routes, it can be updated in /etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml. Look for the routingConfig section & change it to whatever you like:

    subdomain: apps.<your IP>

    Once master-config.yaml is updated, you'll need to restart atomic-openshift-master.service for enterprise, or origin-master.service for community to push the changes through your cluster.

    Can you give me more info on what's happening when you try to add a node? What playbook are you using?

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    Sriharsha T

    Hi..@Treva, sry for the late reply, was stuck in some health issues.  i have changed the subdomain in all the three masters and tried to restart the master. i was getting the beow issue.  i'm using openshift-origin with 3 masters and 3 nodes with version 3.6. Is there anything else i can do for domain change. Please let me know. 

    systemctl start origin-master.service

    Failed to start origin-master.service: Unit is masked.

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