SaltConf 2018 session videos?

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Wondering if you guys know Saltconf 2018 has released its videos to the public (like to youtube)
the sessions seems quite intresting especially from our own instructor Elle. I like the titles 

> Practical Practices for Everyday Salt by Elle

> SaltStack Deconstructed

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    Terrence C

    Thanks for letting us know, Elle did a great job!

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    Elle K

    Hey! SaltStack is intending to release the sessions via YouTube, but none have be released to the public yet.

    Last week on the SaltStack Community Slack, their community manager said that they're sorting out forms for all the videos. One video on Network Device Management has since been posted, but is available only through this link, not through their public YouTube.

    If it's anything like last year, the videos will be released in batches in the coming months.  I would watch their youtube page and their Slack channel for updates. I'll try to make a community post, too, when mine it up. :)

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     @ellejaclyn  Salt Conf 2018 presentations are online now

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