Flannel Networking CNI cannot initialize in cluster on K8s 1.12

This is apparently a known issue, I've spent hours today beating my head against this:  https://github.com/coreos/flannel/issues/1044 

The fix is to run

kubectl apply -n kube-system -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coreos/flannel/bc79dd1505b0c8681ece4de4c0d86c5cd2643275/Documentation/kube-flannel.yml
This will add the new 0.11.0 beta roles, and allow the kube-flannel-ds DaemonSets to start.
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    Terrence C

    Thank Ian! There have been a number of changes to K8S versions in the last 10 days, several of which have broken a variety of things including most backward compatibility. The project is moving really quickly, lets hope they stabilize it as well soon!

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