Finished DevOps Entry level

Hey guys, I've just finished DevOps entry level. I don't feel enough empowered yet to tweak technologies presented in the courses to my needs, so definetely will continue working on deepening my knowledge on these topics. What are your experiences?

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    Charles S

    hi Ivan,
    as well i dis finished the two courses of Devops, and started with Jenkins now to understand properly the Devops, i started to practive by having my jenkins server and integrate it with bitbucket and Git and Maven.
    we should raise a question for Linux Academy if they can give a deep dive into Devops before we decide which path to go with.
    AWS or Azure and Google.

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    Ivan I

    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for reply.
    Don't know your background, but I came here already with basic knowledge what devops is and what does it offer. I'm trying to implement tools (jenkins and elasticstack) in my current project and to automate things  as much as possible. However, I'm always keen to learn tools at a much deeper level, e.g. how tools in elastic stack work "under the hood"? When going through mid and senior levels of devops don't see kibana or logstash, or beats mentioned as part of the curriculum (maybe those tools are not that much important as are ansible, salststack, chef).

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