Any way to sync data in real time between two ebs volumes?


For one of the application, we are planning to go for multi-region, I want to have two EC2  Linux instances in different regions and have a load balancer. Both are primary servers and I want to set up synchronization between these two instances so that if load balancer sends a request to any of these servers to update\delete\add a file, the other server would also be updated.

I was looking at EFS which only spans multi-availability zone. Does Amazon offer anything to provide synchronization between two primary Ec2 instances? If not, Is there any other way I can set up synchronization between these two primary servers. 

Thank you!

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    Broadus P

    Good Evening,

    It looks like you can use EFS file sync to sync data from an Ec2 instance to another. This setup assumes that you have an NFS on an Ec2 already setup.

    I hope this helps!

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    Kumarvijay W

    Also, you will not be able to use ELB to load balance between different regions. Its only for inter region, Perhaps you might want to check Route53 for intra region load balancing. 

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