Beginning my Linux career path, course suggestions

Hello everyone!
I am looking to begin my professional Linux journey,I already work within IT as an engineer, but I support Windows devices, specifically within the manufacturing sector.
But my real passion within IT is Linux, and I decided its time to persue a professional career.
So where could I start? I have been using Linux on/off for about 4 years now but I would still consider my self a noob.
I was thinking of maybe Linux Essentials and its exam to get me into the flow of things, then follow up with LPIC1 and maybe LPIC2, then either try for LPCE and/or RHCSA, likely progressing through the Red Hat  ecosystem of certifications.

What are your thoughts?

Many Thanks!
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    Sean G

    Linux Essentials is where we recommend most start off. It makes sure you've got the fundamentals that the rest of the courses will build on. You need a solid foundation before you start adding on the complex topics!

    We provide Learning Paths as well for more course recommendations. Just look for one that seems to match what you're aiming for and go through those!

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    James J

    Agreed with Sean G.  Our Linux Essentials course is a great place to start.  Even myself using Linux for several years went through that course as a refresher.

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