What "Access type" should be selected in IAM new users.?

When following the course video for AWS Essentials, Section IAM Users and Groups the video screens are out of date and before create a "Access type" of either Programmatic Access or AWS Management Console must be selcted.  For this material, what option sould be selected?
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    Broadus P

    Good Morning,

    When visiting the  IAM Initial Setup and Configuration video lesson, you should configure access through the AWS Console only!!

    Also our AWS Essentials course is going through a refresh as of right now and will release next quarter!!

    I hope this helps! 

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    Paolo C

    Hi leegil,

    the choice depends on what kind of access you'd like to give to the new user.

    Programmatic means that the user can access AWS resources only via the CLI, for example.

    On the other hand,  Console Management Acces means that the user can also access the AWS console using a password and their username. In this way they can access resources also from the console.

    I hope I got it right and it makes sense to you.

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