Pre-requisites for RHCSA

As techincal escalations engineer I am working on Centos/Redhat based servers (for hosted PBX) for the most part of my day but we do have a separate team of system admins that perform the core configuration and operations on these servers. Now RedHat website lists following as pre-requiesits,

Prerequisites for this exam

Candidates for this exam should:

Have either taken the Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) and II (RH134) courses or else the RHCSA Rapid Track Course (RH199) or have comparable work experience as a system administrator on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Do I have to provide a document to RedHat to be eligible to take the exam?

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    Sean G

    You do not. Just schedule an individual/kiosk exam and you'll be able to take it without going through Red Hat training. That's how I did mine. I studied with Linux Academy, then took and passed the RHCSA. About a month after that I was hired by  @anthony  and I've been here ever since!

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    Brandon B

    Hello Imran!

    Yeah, they do that so people have realistic expectations of what the exam will be like. Basically, "be sure you know at least this much before taking the exam."


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    Imran A

    Thank you all for help here. Going for the exam next week. 

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