Azure 70-535 course - when will this be released?

Hi LA,

I remember LA having the 70-534 course listed, but not it's gone. Presumably as the exam is no longer available. When will the 70-535 course be released?

I know there are plenty of other course for me to take, but I'm really keen to take this one, as there are so many Azure contract roles out there now.
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    Terrence C

    Hi Scott!

    Although we are planning to support all Azure exams, we were not able to get 70-535 out when we hoped. We did release refreshes of the 70-532 and 70-533 along with an 'Azure Concepts' course and are currently building labs for those.

    We are at Microsoft Ignite this week and are keen to hear about any of their exam announcements (the 100,101 and 102 exams are due to roll out of beta this week as a result, and more are expected to be updated or announced). Hang with us this week and we will have more Azure news to announce subsequent to this week's conference!

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