DCA Exam aws Question

I can see in the exam guide that we should be able to do "

Consistently repeat steps to "deploy Docker engine, UCP, and DTR on AWS " but its not covered in the course should we study it from Docker Docs

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    Terrence C

    Hello Mai!

    There is really nothing different, regardless of the cloud provider (AWS, Azure or Google). You just need one or more virtual hosts and then can set things up exactly the same way we do in our course (the only difference being whether you pick a 'yum' or 'apt' based distribution to deploy in the cloud).

    Now, each of the cloud vendors offers a container 'service' that does not require you to set up instances or even work directly with Docker or its commands, but that is out of scope for the exam and you won't be asked about specific cloud vendor services.

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    Mai W

    Thanks a lot :)

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