Need help from an instructor

When I click on "Community", I get a drop-down to 
  1. Interact with Students
  2. Instructor/Site support
  3. Study groups

When I select Instructor / site support,  nothing happens.  But when I select interact with students, I am brought here - where I am typing this message.

I will appreciate  it if I can be provided with guidance on connecting with an instructor.

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    Michael M

    Hi Suresh,

    When clicking the Instructor / Site support link there is a pop up that should be displayed that looks like the screenshot I have added. If you are not seeing this popup please make sure that your browser is not blocking the pop-up window. 


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    Sean G

    You can also visit and submit a ticket there!

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    Michael and Sean

    Thank you both for your responses - I appreciate it.  I now know what to do in case I need help from an instructor.


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