RHCSA help wanted - Samba user won't accept password in lab


I doing the lab for RHCSA prep course, creating a Samba share to be available on Windows / Samba clients.  Everything works beautifully except that I get:

smbclient -U user -L
Enter SAMBA\user's password:
session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

I've tried following the video and the lab guide separately in case I missed something but get the same error each time.

Hope you can help, folks.

Many thanks,

PS  Loving LA!
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    Rufus D

    OK, I created a new system user called randoph, set a password and then a Samba user password and voilá!  It works!  I still can't get the "user" account to connect, though and I'd really like to know why.

    Here's randolph's Samba client connecting:

    nmblookup Samba Samba<00>
    $ sudo smbclient -U randolph -L
    Enter SAMBA\randolph's password:

    Sharename Type Comment
    --------- ---- -------
    print$ Disk Printer Drivers
    myshare Disk This is our test share
    IPC$ IPC IPC Service (Samba 4.7.1)
    randolph Disk Home Directories
    Reconnecting with SMB1 for workgroup listing.

    Server Comment
    --------- -------

    Workgroup Master
    --------- -------
    SAMBA IP-10-0-1-65

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    Jake W

    Can you run pdbedit -L on the server side and provide the output?

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    Rufus D

    Hi Jake,

    Thanks for your reply.  I'll try the lab again and, if I get the same issue, I'll post the output of pbdedit -L.

    Many thanks,


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