Oracle RAC vs AWS Aurora

Hello everyone,

I have a client considering a cloud migration.  One if the issues is that they currently use Oracle RAC.  Oracle does not support RAC in any cloud except the Oracle cloud.  I know there are implementations of RAC using things such as Flashgrid, but the client does not want to use any of these methods for fear of running into support issues.  Oracle has made their position very clear on this topic.  They did not say they will not support it, but did say it was their discretion if they feel something like Flashgrid is the cause of the issue.

I was wondering if anyone out there has migrated from Oracle RAC to AWS Aurora and what was their experience?

Another thing the client was wondering about is moving app servers to AWS and leaving Oracle on prem.  Or, moving Oracle RAC to Oracle cloud and everything to AWS.  My initial reaction is that neither sound like feasible solutions.

I am also not sure whether or not AWS Oracle RDS would suffice because with Oracle RAC, they can do things such as patches during the day by operating on one node at a time with no downtime.  I am pretty sure multi AZ deployment does not allow you to do this.

I am not a DB guru, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Alpoor R

    AWS currently doesn't support Oracle RAC unless you want to use for third party tool. RDS would be good option in your case if DB size is less than 6TB but RDS has lots  of limitiations as far as administration concerned

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