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"Kernel processes cant be managed the same way you can manage other processes in Linux"
Can somebody please explain this what exactly this means ?

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    Ali M

    Hi Babar,

    I am assuming that you mean *user processes* by saying "manager other processes in Linux".

    With that being the case, first of all - any process, regardless of being a Kernel process or user defined, is simply an instance of program capable of running.

    Their is only one main kernal process which is "init". "init" is the process that Kernel initializes at boot time and through "init" all the other startup processes are then initiated. Just fyi - "init" has the PID of 1.

    Now any user defined process you run will always be executing within the kernel with kernel being the parent and all other running processes on *inux/*nix systems being it's child. 

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    thanks Ali!

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