Activity in Ansible course

I just completed my Getting Started with Ansible course activity. I have accidently checked the solution and completed the activity. 
And Ansible installation was not covered anywhere before the course.
I would like to know if I have to check the solution and repeat the activity? Also where can I check my graded score.
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    Stosh O

    Hi Preetam,

    The grading feature is not live for this activity as of current but we made the actives available in an ungraded fashion so people could have access to them as quickly as possible!

    If the ansible commands you ran in the final step of the activity returned successfully then you completed the activity correctly!

    You are welcome to view the solution video at your pleasure however you are not required to re-watch it if you do not feel like you need to.  You may find it helpful to review the solution video before you start and once again after you have completed the activity.  Some people even like to watch the solution step by step as they work through the activity.  You are free to take the approach that helps you best understand the content.

    Enjoy the course!

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    Pat P

    Yeah, I posted that also. I'm pretty convinced that activites worked for Docker, but for Ansible and DevOps Essentials it does not work.

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