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@everyone I have to learn Terraform, Scripting, Ansible, Jenkins, Version Control (GIT or TFS) and GCP… Can any one suggest me the best learning approach for these tools… I have a limited time for my interview… any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you, Pavan

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    Stosh O

    Hi pavan,

    That is a significant amount of content to try and cover in a short time unless you already have a fair bit of experience.  I would recommend starting with scripting and source control.  We have courses covering both bash and python scripting.




    From there you can branch into the other topics in no particular oder.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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    Joseph L

    If you're interviewing with Google, it would probably help to familiarize yourself with their platform. Check out my Google Cloud Essentials course for an overview of how everything fits together as well as particulars of each of the major services.

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