Redhat openstack exam and study guideline

Hi, I have few quiries which are given below:
1.I alreday passed Redhat exams RHCSA & RHCE (version 6.3) which certifications no logner valid. Can i sit for redhat openstack engineer exam or i need to take RHCSA , RHCE exam before redhat engineer exam in openstack! plz provide, new course codes for these exams.

2.In your course , you followed packstack process to install openstack. But in production enviroment, generally used tripleo. How can we use tripeo process on workstaion? any new course there ?

3.In new redhat engineer in openstack exam, may be they inclused overcloud process. Is this right?
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    Amy M

    You would need to pass the RHCSA in OpenStack in  order for you to receive the RHCE, you can take the exam but wouldn't receive the certification if you skipped the RHCSA.

    Keep an eye out for a TripleO installation course in the future.

    The RH OpenStack certifications have been updated and are in the process of being updated again. The overcloud is mentioned in their objectives currently and will most likely be built upon but we do not have access to their new objectives.

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