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I plan to mount a personal lab on a server / laptop in order to progress on the devops part and to install docker, git, chef, puppet, ansible etc ... then to make deployments on machines (docker, VM) and finally move on to deployment in the cloud.

How can I create an end-to-end infra (DHCP / DNS / network / NAS ...) on centos?

thank you,


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    Michael M


    Some of the technologies that you are speaking about in the dev-ops realm are server-client and would involve more than one machine. 
    The configuration of the supporting items on centos; however, is something that is covered in the RHCSA and RHCSE exam preparation courses. As you progress through these courses you could follow along on the laptop and configure the services as you go. This would give you the added benefit of preparing for the Red Hat certification as well as having the base infrastructure for the Dev-Ops path that you are going to follow. 
    Even if you watched each video on each service separately we do cover the installation and configuration of those services as part of the Red Hat certifications.

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    Clovis G

    Hello Michael,

    Thanks for your reply ; so i will take a look at the RHCSA/E exam preparation courses and follow next the different courses in the devops realm. I hope i will be able shortly begin to install my own lab but for now, i will use the linux academy lab :).


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