Kube-dns not coming up! looking for "bridge" plugin

Hi... I am not able to get kube-dns up. I am on core OS and using  cni: flannel.

The problem is described in the following thread. The difference between the problem i am facing and the following thread is that kube-dns is failing to to find plugin "portmap" but in my case the error message is it failed to find plugin "bridge". Someone posted a binary for "portmap" in the following thread, so i think i need a binary for "bridge" plugin. i am using flannel. how can i get it? Any help appreciated. https://github.com/kubernetes/kubeadm/issues/587#issuecomment-349206824

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    Solved. I  spun up another master node on linux academy servers and found a binary file for "bridge" in /opt/cni/bin . Copied over to my server and it worked. Finally my cluster is up.  :)

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