Running POD in a particular Worker Node

Hi Chad
It may be too early to ask this question as I did not complete all the contents in CKA, still as I had gone through "Running container Cluster with Kubernetes" by Terrence, I am able to create Pod, Deployment, Replication Controller and Service. 
1.  My first question is how I can spin up a container in a particular worker node where all my Worker Nodes are "Ready" ?   I would like have my Ingress ready in a particular node and would like to route all my external traffic to hit this particular Ingress system.
2.  My second question is, though I did not gone through the entire CKA Course, instead of manually writing the service and backends, whether it is possible to automatically update the Ingress whenever "New" service is created or "Existing" deployment is scalled up/down?  Whether Nginx Ingress Controller is the solution ?  Do you have any plan to include NGINX Ingress Controller with Prometheus ?  Any good URL to follow?
Please advice.

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    Terrence C


    I am going to pinch hit for Chad here as much as I can and address your questions:

    1. You can spin up containers on a pod, even individual containers running outside of the cluster service with regular Docker commands. Those containers however, will only be visible from that pod and not the entire cluster. Your ingress node is going to be on your master and traffic for the services running in the cluster will connect to the host running the master.
    2. Although we don't have plans to include Nginx Ingress Controller in THIS course (since we are constrained to just the topics in the certification objectives), that sounds like a great topic for a couple of Kubernetes courses we have underway and I will pass that on to the author on that course.

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