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Hi folks,

I'm an "ops" that would like to transform a little bit into 'devops'. As it seems I might have an option to actually use Ansible at my current work environment, I decided to start with "Ansible QuickStart". Where should I go next, as a newbie in the subject? Better with:

- Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation (EX407) Preparation Course


- Using Ansible for Configuration Management and Deployments

Thanks for all suggestions. Cheers!

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    Sean G

    The certification course is a bit newer so go there if you're at all interested in the certification or want the latest info. The Using Ansible course is more for day to day and common tasks so take that one if you want to get more direct hands-on uses a bit faster.

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    Tomek P

    Thanks Sean, I will start with certification course :)

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