Failed my Developer Associate (June 2018) exam. Need tips.

Hi guys. I failed my Developer Associate exam today. I was not expecting a lot of the questions that were asked. I took the AWS CDA training, but I think they focused only on the old exam. The CDA course on LinuxAcademy was really helpful, but many of the questions were so situational, I think I would need a lot of experience with AWS before I could get them right (started working with AWS at work in May 2018, haven't done any projects on it yet, just doing basic internal work). I would really appreciate any help you can give me on passing the next attempt.

Thank you.
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    Anthony J


    So, I'm taking a look at your account. I have a few concerns about it. FIrst of all, it shows you've only completed 19% of the course. In order to be successful passing the exam, I'd encourage you to take the whole thing. Takeing the whole thing and practicing the labs are going ot be key to successfully passing the exam.

    I also notice you just sign-up and started the course on August 14th. More time is really required to pass the exam. Focusing on exam dumps is an easy way to not be successful on the exam.

    Understand how to do it hands on, why you do it specific ways (cost, vs performance, vs which services to use to solve which problems). Those are key in the labs and videos.


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    Hi Anthony, I started my course in my personal account, and was advised to use my work email for it, so I created another account. I have completed the course in the other account, and was revising some concepts in this account.

    Also, I remember some of the questions from the exam. Can I post some of the questions here to get some help?

    Thank you.

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