How to connect to the lab machines

Hi All,
Could you please help me with the steps to connect to the lab environment.
I could find the machine IPs , user name and password , however to initiate a connection to the lab set up is something which i am not able to figure out. Any help would be much appreciated.(I am a 7 day trial candidate)

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    Sean G

    Our Intro Course, though a bit dated on the interfaces shown, goes through the most commonly used connection steps for cloud servers and the hands-on labs. 

    If you've already gone through that or you're still having problems afterwards, let us know if you're connecting to a cloud server, a hands-on lab, or an activity, if you're on Windows or Mac/Linux, and what you've tried so far. We'll be happy to help you get started!

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    Hi Sean,

    Thank you for the reply.
    I have gone throught the Into course, downloaded putty, created the server..however still not able to connect.
    Could you please help here.

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    Sean G

    Lekshmi, could you submit a ticket (from or email with screenshots and we'll provide more direct help that way!

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