I recently finished both the AWS Essentials and the AWS Certificed Cloud Practitioner coures (in that order). At first I felt the the Practitioners coures was redundnant, but less hands on...until about halfway-through. I skimmed most of it but was glad when I came across sections that weren't covered before and listened in. But I think the details are in the AWS White Papers and I should review those more than rely on just the video lessons.
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    Tia W

    The white papers are an important part of the AWS exams.  Honestly, as you continue and proceed with exams like Solutions Architect and Developer you will notice there is some overlap in the courses, but that is because there is also overlap in the exams. You will find however that even when the same topic is covered, at times there a topic is covered more in-depth on one exam than the others.  I've heard others say that they have watched content that they feel is redundant at a faster video playback speed and adjust playback speed for the content they need most.  This suggestion might help you as well.  Good luck!

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