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Azure Apps: Web Apps

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Time required: 2 Hours


The following domains of knowledge will be covered in this lab:

  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure Storage Services

Suggested Pre Requisites

It is recommended to have a web application a user can use to upload and test with lab; however, this is not required and all resources are generated within the Azure Portal for the user to access and learn from. We do highly recommend a stable internet connection and a full browswer to utilize the lab to its potential.


Web Applications make up the core of our daily use for information technology when it comes to visual and tangible solutions. Among the numerous requirements that go into the development of a Web Application, choosing the right hosting provider and ensuring all settings are the best that can be chosen for the platform is essential. In this lab, we be covering Azure Web App Service and focus in on the specific type of features the services has. We will cover environment variables, default documents, work with the file console and create FTP accounts for deployment use. This lab is primarily designed as a "Sandbox" and will cover the various interface and environments but also allows you to conduct practice for Azure courses and Azure Web App services on your own.


- Create new Web Application
- Set a new default document
- Set a new environment Variable
- Access online File Console
- Access and Look into Marketplace deployments
- Access and Look into github deployments
- Create FTP accounts for manual deployment access

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