Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment - Exam AZ-100

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Chad Crowell
Chad is an IT professional with over 10 years of experience in the IT field. In his career history, he has transitioned from managing large datacenters with racks of physical servers to utilizing the cloud and automating infrastructure in a way that makes late night service interruptions a thing of the past. Chad enjoys sharing his experiences and helping people discover how they can use technology to make their lives easier, whether that be through automation, containers, infrastructure as code, or otherwise.

Course Introduction


Azure Cloud Fundamentals

Getting Started with Azure

Manage Azure Subscriptions and Resources (15-20%)

Mission #1: Organize and Control

Manage Azure Subscriptions

Analyze Resource Utilization and Consumption

Manage Resource Groups

Review Mission #1

Implement and Manage Storage (20-25%)

Mission #2: Accessing and Securing Data Storage

Create and Configure Storage Accounts

Import and Export Data to Azure

Configure Azure Files

Implement Azure Backup

Review Mission #2

Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines (VMs) (20-25%)

Mission #3: Controlling VM Configurations

Create and Configure a VM for Windows and Linux

Automate Deployment of VMs

Manage Azure VM

Manage VM Backups

Review Mission #3

Configure and Manage Virtual Networks (20-25%)

Mission #4: Optimize Communications Performance

Implement and Manage Virtual Networking

Create Connectivity Between Virtual Networks

Configure Name Resolution

Create and Configure a Network Security Group (NSG)

Reviewing Mission 4

Manage Identities (15-20%)

Mission #5: Authenticating Directories, Users, and Groups

Manage Azure Active Directory (AAD)

Manage Azure AD Objects (Users, Groups, and Devices)

Implement and Manage Hybrid Identities

Reviewing Mission 5

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This course is designed to help you learn and develop the requisite skills to pass the Microsoft Azure AZ-100 certification exam. The AZ-100 exam tests your knowledge in creating, configuring, and managing resources in the Azure Cloud, including but not limited to: managing Azure subscriptions, creating and managing alerts, configuring resource policies and alerts, creating and configuring Storage Accounts, deploying and managing virtual machines, creating and configuring VNET peering and DNS, managing AD Identity protection and objects, along with a lot more!

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