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Terrence Cox
A veteran of twenty years in Information Technology in a variety of roles. He has worked in development, security and infrastructure well before they merged into what we now call DevOps. He provides training in Linux, VMWare, DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, etc) as well as containers and AWS topics.


IoT, or Internet of Things, may be considered a buzzword; however, this buzzword has now become the industry's next promise to a further connected and digital industry. Enterprises continue to move towards a cost-per-use model while ensuring security, integration, long-term ROI, and agility are present in their architecture. With the introduction of an end-to-end solution platform, Microsoft's Azure platform for IoT brings a comprehensive suite of offerings that is further extended by the Azure infrastructure itself. This course is designed to give advanced users of Azure and IoT platforms an understanding of the features and options the platform brings. We will focus on various internal realms such as DevOps, development, security, architecture, compliance, hardware, integration, and best practices to ensure a deeper in-depth look is given to tackle specific environments Enterprises deal with daily.

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This is the full PowerPoint slide deck for the entire course in pdf form.

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