Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies - Exam AZ-300 (PREVIEW)

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Course Introduction

Welcome to the Course

Course Features and Tools

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Azure Trial and Billing Alerts

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Getting Started with Azure

Building the Basics

Infrastructure and Operations

Virtual Networking

Virtual Machines

VM Encryption with Azure Disk Encryption

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Storage Accounts

Resource Monitoring

Advanced and Automated Infrastructure

Integrated Networking

Virtual Machine High Availability

Automated Deployments

Identity and Security

Azure Active Directory

Access Control

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Networking

Hybrid Identities

Azure Site Recovery Migrations

Azure Site Recovery

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Compute and Container Based Apps

Web Apps

Container-Based Apps

Develop for the Cloud

Message-based Integration Architecture

Event Grid

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Notification Hub

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Event Hub

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Service Bus

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Azure Relay

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Serverless Architecture

Azure Functions

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Logic Apps

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Course Conclusion

Final Steps

How to Prepare for the Exam

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What's Next After Certification?

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Get Recognized

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This course is designed to help you master the requisite skills required for the Microsoft Azure AZ-300 certification exam.

The AZ-300 exam is an expert level exam which tests candidates for advanced knowledge and experience working with various aspects of Microsoft Azure.

Throughout this course you will progressively build and expand upon both your knowledge, and hands-on experience working with Azure technologies including, but not limited to: infrastructure and operations, advanced and automated infrastructure, identity and security, hybrid cloud, and developing apps and services for the cloud.

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