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Microsoft Certified Azure Developer - Exam AZ-203 Prep

This course exists to enable you to gain the skills required to pass the AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification exam which will then earn you the Microsoft Certified Developer Associate certification.

This exam measures your knowledge and hands on experience working with Azure technologies including but not limited to:

  • Implement batch jobs by using Azure Batch Services
  • Create containerized solutions
  • Create Azure App Service Web Apps
  • Create Azure App Service mobile apps
  • Create Azure App Service API apps
  • Implement Azure functions
  • Develop solutions that use storage tables
  • Develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage
  • Develop solutions that use a relational database
  • Develop solutions that use blob storage
  • Implement authentication
  • Implement access control
  • Implement secure data solutions
  • Develop code to support scalability of apps and services
  • Integrate caching and content delivery within solutions
  • Instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging

Candidates for this exam are Azure Developers who design and build cloud solutions such as applications and services. They participate in all phases of development, from solution design, to development and deployment, to testing and maintenance. They should be proficient in developing apps and services by using Azure tools and technologies, including storage, security, compute, and communications. Candidates must have at least one year of experience developing scalable solutions through all phases of software development and be skilled in at least one cloud-supported programming language.

As a student in this course, you will need to bring along your enthusiasm and desire to learn. You have the best chance of being successful if you:

  • Watch and learn from the videos
  • Use the interactive diagram as a study tool
  • Take the practice exams
  • Complete the labs
  • Study all the references I give you (and many more you can find on the documentation site from Microsoft)
  • Interact with me with any questions (always feel free to reach out to me through community)

Topics are presented by first introducing the exam objectives that will be covered in the lesson and skills measured on the exam. This will be followed by one or more lessons to demonstrate the assessed skills, with demonstrations of "how" and often "why". To close each section / topic, I will give you some exam tips and references. Note that these videos are opinionated in that they represent the experience of myself (combined with input from others) in taking the exam. The exam MAY, and CAN, ask other questions on topics not in the course as of yet, or may never be as they are too fringe and sparse for coverage. Therefore, make sure to study the references I give as additional answers are found on those references. I'll try and point them all out, but it is a moving target, and I'll update as thigns are identified.

Now for a few logistical items...

The source code for the course is available at:

The interactive diagram for the course is available at:

An Azure account will be needed to work with Azure, or you can use the Linux Acedemy labs in the course which provide a free playground for working with Azure.

If you want to work with this code, you will need a few tools:

  • .NET Core 2.2
  • Powershell 6.x
  • AZ Module for Powershell (and aliases installed)
  • Azure CLI 2.x
  • Visual Studio Code (or another editor, but the projects use VS Code)
  • Visual Studio Code Extensions: Powershell, C#
  • Git
  • Docker CE
  • Azure Functions Core Tools

You do not have to work with any of the code in the lessons to be successful at the exam, but it is highly recommended. It's best to do the things with your hands, and use the labs and get yourself a free Azure account if you desire.

FYI, I do all my lessons on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) using .Net Core 2.2, Powershell 6.1 and Azure CLI 2.0, and as an editor Visual Studio Code. This set of tools is portable to all of the platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux.

Other useful tools to help you with the course and working with Azure:

  • Azure Storage Explorer
  • Azure Data Studio
  • Postman

Finally, enjoy the course, learning about developing for Azure, and with taking the exam!

Length: 17:36:50


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